14 December 2012

Holiday Movie nails

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Hi lovelies,

When I saw this challenge at Plump & Polished, and also at the one jointly hosted by Overpolished and Pink & Polished,  I was stumped. Would you believe I hadn't watched a Christmas movie?!! I couldn't believe it myself. So I researched on some holiday movies, did my nails and then got down to watch the movie. Kinda kooky, but guess what I ended up watching?

Yup. It's the 2003-starrer Elf! Starring comedy star Will Ferrell and the lovely Zooey Deschanel.

The story is about a baby boy who is brought up as one of Santa's elves. And when he learns of his true identity (that he is a human), he goes to New York to meet his biological father. In the process he spreads Christmas cheer all around.
I really, really enjoyed watching the movie. I love comedies. 

Coming back to the nails, I feel I should have made the legs thinner and longer, like a drain pipe. Better luck to me next time! So, which is your favourite movie? Have you watched Elf? It is good for a great laugh. Don't forget to comment on my manicure :)

Polishes used:
LA Girls Matte Alpine Green (base)
NYX Blue glitter (layer of iridescent glitter)
OPI Alpine Snow (ascent nail base)
Acrylic colours in white, yellow, light green, dark green and blue. 

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  1. love the movie... and your manicure :D

  2. Awww...so cute! Love the theme and the colors used. Great job!