29 October 2012

Drag marbling? Not really

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Hi lovelies,

I showed you Color Club Sugarplum Fairy here. The polish is awesomeness. But after a couple of days, I had this insatiable urge to stamp over it. And this is what I did.

Konad plate M78
I used Colorbar Exclusive 76 (black creme) to stamp this full nail design from Konad image plate M78.

Konad M78

The tipwear is visible in this macro shot, but not in real life. Pretty, ain't it? Do tell me how you like it :)

Base: Color Club Sugarplum Fairy
Stamping plate: M78
Stamping colour: Colorbar Exclusive 76

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26 October 2012

Swatch: Color Club Sugarplum Fairy

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Hi lovelies,

After the bright and neony post, here's a glittering one. 

CC Sugarplum Fairy
This beauty is Sugarplum Fairy from Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe Collection of 2011. The collection has six colorful and holographic glitters. This one is a lavender holographic duo-chromey glitter. 

CC Sugarplum Fairy
You can see here how the colour went from a beautiful lavender to a bluish purple. I love this glitter not just for the name (Who cannot love something called Sugarplum Fairy?) but for its strong holographic effect. The base is colourless unlike a couple of other glitters from this collection. The polish contains micro and hexagonal glitters.

CC Sugarplum Fairy
Check out the rainbows!!! As expected of glitters, and one as loaded as this, the formula was thick. They also dry gritty. I used a coat of Seche Vite, and all was well with the world ;) 

CC Sugarplum Fairy

It dries pretty fast. Removal is not an issue if you layered it over glue/Fevicol like I did. 

CC Sugarplum Fairy one coat

This is just one coat of the polish. If you look carefully, you can see the Fevicol layered beneath. I used just two coats of Sugarplum Fairy for  full coverage. Isn't this glorious?

CC Sugarplum Fairy

I wore this polish to church. And the woman sitting next to me just could not take her eyes off my nails. She just could not figure out how I got the rainbows on my nails. She was probably dying to ask me what it was, but being in church stopped her from doing so. I had fun watching her trying to catch a glimpse of my nails from the corner of her eye ;) 
Has such a thing ever happened to you? Do tell me about it.
How do you like this polish? Do leave me a comment below :)

Product: Sugarplum Fairy
Brand: Color Club
Collection/Range:  Beyond the Mistletoe 2011
Colour: Duochrome, from silvery lavender to light purple
Finish: gritty
Qty: 17 ml
Price/Availability: $3.10 but can be bought for a discount at certain websites (Not available in India. Can be ordered through Amazon and transdesign) 

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25 October 2012

Neon tips

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Hi lovelies,

I am keeping this post short. You've already seen the colorful and bright Colorbar polishes that adorned my nails here. And this is what I had in mind when I painted each of my nails a separate colour. 

L to R: Colorbar Bubbly, Pina Colada, Twisted Peach and Lime Margarita
I taped off the tips and used Colorbar Exclusive 76 (black creme) to cover the rest of my nails (Yes, I did tape off a bit too much on my pinkie). The result is an easy but funky manicure. The best part: You can keep this manicure for a week if you paint them in colours that dominate your wardrobe :)
You can also try this if you are not confident of carrying off such bright colours. My friends loved it, what about you? Don't forget to leave me a comment below!

Product: 76
Brand: Colorbar
Range: Exclusive 
Colour: Black
Finish: Creme
Qty: 9 ml
Price/Availability: Rs 150 (Available at Colorbar stores, local stores selling Colobar brand and online stores like Urbantouch.com, violetbag.com, purplle.com, snapdeal.com, myntra.com, flipkart.com and others)  

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19 October 2012

Blinding neons

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Hi lovelies,I have shown you dark and light polishes, simple and glittery polishes. Now it is time for some brights! Neons, to be precise. These are from Colorbar's 'Cocktail Brights' Collection. I got it from the Colorbar store at AlphaOne Mall in Ahmedabad. Damn! Living close to a mall does no good to the pocket ;)

L to R: Colorbar Bubbly, Pina Colada, Twisted Peach and Lime Margarita

The product description is interesting:Colorbar introduces an intoxicating line of Bright Neon Nail Paints, an intoxicating collection of nail-paint hues inspired by cocktail colours. Adding additional sizzle to the drizzle season, Cocktail Brights include plush plum and envy green, with bursts of bright pink, cheeky yellow, orange and blingy red.

So find your favourite lacquer from Pina Colada (neon yellow), Lime Margarita (neon green), Bloody Mary (neon magenta), Plum Grenadine (neon purple), Tangerine Mojito (neon orange), and Pink Lady (neon pink). It is long lasting and its toluene free formulation protects your nails from turning yellow. With extreme gloss it is guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days.

Colorbar collection: Bubbly, Pina Colada, Twisted Peach, Lime Margarita, Bloody Mary 

I bought Pina Colada, Lime Margarita and Bloody Mary thinking I had Colorbar dupes of the remaining three. But I was wrong. The ones I left behind were way brighter (of course!). The bottles are pretty sturdy with a silver cap. Interestingly, this collection has stickers in the same colour affixed to the top. 

Bubbly, Pina Colada, Twisted Peach

Second shot:

Twisted Peach, Lime Margarita, Bloody Mary

I had a simple but colourful manicure in mind, so I swatched them each on a finger. To fill the gap I used Bubbly (bright pink) on my pinkie and Twisted Peach (coral) on the middle finger from Colorbar's quick finish range.

Bottle: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary on my thumb. It looks blood red in the bottle. On the nail, it is a different story... erm... colour.

The polish dries fast and does not chip easily. True to neons, these colours are sheer. It can be called a crelly because it is not a true jelly. The trick is to layer them on white to bring out its full effect. You can use these on their own, but it might take you 3-4 coats for an even finish.
The brush is just right,  neither  thin as in the Quick Finish bottles nor thick like the Pro range. These are such perfect summery shades! Though I wish they had introduced a blue, too. But even these polishes  can brighten up any winter day (My excuse to splurge). Bring out the sunglasses! 

I am a fan of Colorbar simply for the amount of colour it has introduced for our tips.
So do you like neon colours? What do you think about this range? Don't forget to leave me a comment :)

Product: Lime Margarita, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary
Brand: Colorbar
Colour: Neon green, neon yellow, neon magenta
Finish: Shiny, Crelly
Qty: 9 ml
Price/Availability: Rs 150 (Available at Colorbar stores, local stores selling Colobar brand and Violetbag.com for those who shop online)  
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12 October 2012

I'm a Cheeky chick

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I am doing the *happy dance* My Cheeky plates are here! 

I had ordered the new collection on September 21. I was a little worried about its arrival as I had never ordered anything from the website earlier. Also, it offers tracking only for US residents. AND the delivery time was expected to be a month. 
So imagine my surprise when I returned from a break and found a yellow cover peeking from my voluminous bag. This was Monday, October 8. My colleague had tucked the package into my bag to ensure I did not misplace it. 

Curious, I picked it up and saw it was from China Post. My heart started beating a little faster. Should I open it in office, should I not? I resisted for a while. I swear I did. But then I could not help it any longer. Tear........  

Out came a thick bubble wrapped box. The unwrapping revealed....

A greeting card. Isn't that sweet?! And with it....

Another cover through which slid out....

The Cheeky stamping nail art image plates collection of summer 2012. Their cover design is very girly, very blondish and very unlike me, my friends would say :D 

The inside is  very thoughtfully done. A story of how this effort came about, a nail artist licence which warns: Beautiful manis can cause heart attack. And a hollowed out section which would keep the plates without sliding around. I loved the slight indentation that allows you to side your finger through to pick out the plates. 

A closer view of the licence which could double as a scraper.  Actually, I would strongly recommend you use this or an expired credit card as a scraper instead of the Konad metal-tipped one. It will keep your metal plates from scratching. 

Isn't that a cute story? Now, for the plates....

My colleague was curious about the blue covering. It is to protect the plates. Many amateurs have unknowingly  use the plates without removing this cover and give up nail art. 

There are 26 plates in this collection offering 161 small and full nail designs.

The pink backing keeps your fingers from being sliced by the metal plates and keeps it from slipping around while scraping. 

And these are the designs the set contains. Click on the picture to enlarge and see the details. So, how did you like my latest acquisition and which design interests you the most? Don't forget to leave me a comment. Love you!

Product: 2012 summer collection (stamping plates)
Brand: Cheeky 
Price: $24.99 (approx Rs 1,300... way cheaper than Konad plates) 
Shipping: Currently free  (though I have heard they plan to charge $5-7 very soon. So grab it while you can)

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October giveaways

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Hi lovelies,

If you like 'offbeat' polishes, you definitely need to check out http://oflifeandlacquer.com. She is offering Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers nail polishes for Halloween 2012 as prizes. And it is open to international followers!!! So go click on this link to visit her site for these HTF polishes.

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5 October 2012

I'm a Material Girl

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Hi fellow lacqueraders,

I was in a glitterific mood and what better to compliment it with than a glitter polish. Unfortunately, I had to go to office so the bling had to be reigned in a bit. Guess what? I had just the polish for it. China Glaze Material Girl. I wore it with a beautiful pink on white print top.

Isn't this pretty?! It is a slightly dusty pink. Quite demure, actually. This one is from the ChG Eye Candy collection of 2011. Excuse the cap. I got this one cellotaped like a mummy from Stylecraze.com.

Unlike Some Like it Haute which is loaded with holographic glitter, this one is pink glitter (with sparse holographic particles) in a clear base. The glitters are hexagonal, in different shades of pink, and comes in all sizes:  large, small and macro.

The application was relatively easy. What surprised me was how fast it dried! And the clear base makes no difference as this one is packed with glitter, two coats will easily turn it opaque. This polish dries matte and gritty. You can see how texture it is here.

This can be very irritating for some. I topped it with my Essie Good to Go  which was pretty thick. Two coats and I was set. A thinner topcoat may not work that well. And of course, wrapping the tips is near impossible due to the glitter overload.

The photos don't do justice to this polish. The topcoat made it more glittery and smooth. The texture gives it a 3D effect, as some glitters 'pop out'. Do you like it? Don't forget to leave me a comment below :)

Product: Material Girl
Brand: China Glaze
Colour: Pink  multi-sized glitter with a smattering of holo particles

Finish: Matte, gritty
Qty: 14 ml
Price/Availability: Got a deal (Not available on Indian sites any more. Can be ordered through Amazon and eBay) 
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