14 December 2012

Frosty Snowmen nails

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Hi fellow lacqueraders,

Pink & Polished and Overpolished threw snowmen up as a Christmas challenge. 

I had planned on doing some other design for my nails. After seeing how this turned out, I am kicking myself for not following through with my original idea. Time dictated that I stamp instead of paint and the end result proved to be disastrous as you can see here. But since I did not have time to redo it, here's my sorry excuse of a manicure :(

Nothing really worked out for me. The snowflakes would 'flake' off and the red/white snowman I had planned on the accent nail just could not take the heat. It melted  :P

And that is the last photograph of the torturous manicure that I have forced you to look at. Good or bad, don't forget to leave me a comment. I love to read all your inputs. 

Polishes used:
Deborah Milano Sense Tech Mat Oil Blue (Half-mani base)
Jade Psicodelica (silver holographic at the tips)

Stamping polishes:
Konad white (snowman)
Revlon Grape, Earthquake, Orchid Chrome for snowflakes 

Stamping Plates:
Snowman: Bundlemonster 318 
Snowflakes: Bundlemonster 14, Bundlemonster 323, OB 19

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  1. Oh dear...better luck next time :) Awful manis only teach us what won't work for the next time ;)

  2. This is a cute mani...we all have bad days where things just don't want to go our way.

  3. I think the idea was really cute! Stamping is difficult to master (I haven't even tried yet!) and I think that, despite its flaws, this attempt is still recognizable as what you intended it to be.

  4. I think your snowmen are cute. I have yet to master stamping. I also nominated you for the Liebster Award, the info is on my blog. http://lilmoon24ny.blogspot.com/ :o)

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