9 May 2012

Day 1: Going dot-ty

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Dots! This is the first of the nail art challenges thrown by Puja at cutenailstudio.blogspot.in

Like she advised, I am keeping it simple :). Black and white. There's nothing more simpler.
So, here goes nothing!

Ta da! Too simple? Frankly, I am just grateful that I managed to post something. First I could not get decent pictures. This, I made do with my mobile phone o_O. I have been trying to upload my creation since yesterday but was quite unsuccessful due to my finicky internet connection. Finally, luck favours me :)

Colours used
VoV White
Colorbar Black 
VoV silver striper
VoV top coat
Two gold flower stickers (for the thumbs)
And a blunt pencil to add the white dots B-)

I had no base coat so I used the top coat as base :P. Am I the only one who does that or are there others out there like me?

This is my first attempt at nail art. So, what do you thing of the design? I would love to read your comments.

Thank you :)

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  1. this is beautiful......sometimes even me also uses topcoat instead of basecoat....:)....loved the color combination.....pls mail me your address i am giving all my participants a souvenir ...you can find my email id in my latest post....take care ..thanks.

  2. very beautiful nd elegant... @)

  3. this is lovely..am a new reader here..following u now..pls do visit my blog n support..:)

    1. Thank you Preetha. Following you too :)

  4. very classy and elegany NL...my day 1