22 September 2012

Swatch: NFU Oh 51 Flakie heaven

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Hi lovelies,

I continue to live in flakie heaven. My company: Nfu-Oh 51. It's a bottle full of purple multichromatic flakie awesome-sauce :)

While camera just refused to pick up its awesomeness, this is the most colour-accurate picture I could manage. Isn't it a beauty? In sunlight, the polish takes on a rich purple tone with copper and gold flakies shining through. This is what I had expected Deborah Lippmann's Ray of Light to be like. 

Check out the bottle! It had to be some clever mind to design such a stunner: A corset-bodice for a handle and a full-skirt bottom as the bottle. It's like a piece of art. I know for sure I am not throwing out THIS bottle when I finish the lacquer. 

Check out the flakies! Golden green, copper-gold, deep purple... This one has it all! This beauty is loaded. It not only has large flakies, it has micro ones, too. And since this polish has a tinted base, it can be layered over dark colours. I want to try it over a blue, green, red and black. Do you have any other colour bases in mind?

The tint is sheer. So, I used four coats to achieve this opacity. Doesn't it looks like a dupe of Clarin's 230 here? The formula is nice, a bit thick but that is expected considering it is loaded with flakies. The brush is a little stubby but not unwieldy. 

Wait for a few minutes between coats to avoid dragging or creating bald spots. You might also need to push back flakies hanging over the nail tip as it will dry hard and feel sharp later. Since this is a flakie polish, wrapping it around the tip might be a problem. But the polish has lasting power. And amazingly, it dries smooth. 

I know my pictures have not done complete justice to this beauty. I promise to take better shots the next time I wear it. And I stamped over this beauty. That's for tomorrow :)

 Product: 51
Brand: Enfu-Oh
Colour: Purple with multichromatic flakies
Finish: Jelly
Qty: 17 ml
Price/Availability: $12.50 but can be bought for a discount at times (Not available in India. Can be ordered through fabuloustreet.com) 
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  1. That bottle and color is soooooo pretty!! I totally want this polish!! <3

    1. Welcome Lacquerista! This is definitely worth the money :)

  2. OH M G! This is nail polish heaven!! I think if I could only own polish it would probably be this one! Purple is my fav colour and with the holographic flakies...it just takes it to another level!! Gorgeous!!!