7 July 2014

#TGPNPC Red: Day 31 of The Neverending Pile Challenge

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Hi lovelies,
Red was another colour I wasn't fond of till a while ago. But I have to admit it looks great on Indian skin. Most polish brands till recently used to stock pearl whites, reds and browns only. Thank God for brands like Colorbar for bring in new and exciting colours! And revamping the traditional red, too :)
Colorbar Red Earth
This is Red Earth from Colorbar's Quick Finish range. It is hot red creme which looks tomato red in sunlight. It is pretty bright!
Colorbar Red Earth
Since I was wearing a red and white top with jeans, I stamped on it with white using my XL plate M for the whorls and XL R for the woman on my ring finger.
Colorbar Red Earth
Here's a closeup of the lady who caught a lot of attention for this woman ;) 
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