5 May 2014

#TGPNPC Use as many untried in one manicure: Day 12 of the Neverending Pile Challenge

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Hi lovelies,

Today's manicure is about cramming as many untrieds in one. My manicure could easily have stood for the theme: metallics. How many polishes I used for this -- 17 (pats my back)!!!
Use as many untried in one manicure: Colorbar Metallic Nail Lacquer
 The base for the manicure are metallic polishes from the new Colorbar Metallic range and one from the Quick Finish Range. (Sorry for the fuzz on my pointer. I noticed it only while processing the pics by which time it was too late to change anything).
I painted my nails half and half. Listed here are polishes -- first left then right. All polishes needed just one coat (except for the silver):
Pinky finger: Bejewelled (metallic hot pink) and Mammamia (metallic hot red)
Ring finger: Pink Smith (coppery pink) and Red Diamond (coppery red) 
Middle finger: Silver Lining (silver) and Haute Copper (this name is deceiving. It looks more like olive green)
Pointer: Blue Thunder (light blue) and Starry Knight (dark blue)
Thumb: Green Bling (green) and (damn! I'll get back to you on this forest green) from their Quick Finish Range.
Another look at Many Untried polishes
This picture makes the difference in polishes on the pinky and ring finger clear. I wasn't very neat as I was planning to put another stripe down the middle.
#tgpnpc Use as many untried in one manicure: Colorbar, Zoya, Deborah Milano, Revlon, Faces, Cuccio polish with stamping
 For the middle stripes, I used the following polishes which are matte in texture:
Pinky finger: Zoya Harlow (purple rose matte) on Colorbar Bejewelled and Colorbar Red Diamond  
Ring finger: Deborah Milano Sense Tech no 09 (greyish brown matte) on Colorbar Pink Smith and Colorbar Mammamia 
Middle finger: Colorbar Treasure (metallic gold) on Colorbar Silver Lining and Colorbar Haute Copper Pointer: Cuccio Cobalt Blue (a shimmery dark blue matte) on Colorbar Blue Thunder and Colorbar Starry Knight 
Thumb: Faces Canada Green Matte (shimmery green matte) and Colorbar Green Bling and Colorbar (damn! I'll get back to you on this one) from their Quick Finish Range.
#tgpnpc Use as many untried: Colorbar Green Bling, Faces Canada matte, Revlon Golden and stamped with
China Glaze Passion
 I stamped all the nails down the middle with flower, criss cross and feather patterns on my from XL plate R. I lined them on each side with Revlon Golden from their Fast Dry range and an unnamed bright pink (middle finger).
Polishes used for Many Untrieds
 These are all the polishes I used. Phew!!! How did I do? Those who saw my nails liked the design on the middle finger the most, and the colour combinations on the pinky, ring and thumb. What about you? Do leave a comment below.

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  1. Lady, you did super awesome on this !! 17 !!!! Total wow...I only managed 7 :(

    1. Thank you hai ji :D I love your design a lot.

    2. You have such a great eye for color! I love these combos and will hesitate now to throw out old polishes who's color I've "outgrown".

    3. Thank you JCz, that is such a sweet thing to say. I am glad you liked the manicure :)

  2. I like your index and thumb best, but that is just because I like the darker colors. All of them are truly lovely!