24 July 2012

Swatch: Revlon Powder Puff

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Hi lovelies,

Soon after turning into a polish and nail art addict began my quest for the perfect white. During my search, I was attracted to Revlon Powder Puff. It could have been the name (who does not want to be the Powerpuff Girls bashing all the baddies) or that it proclaimed to be a matte suede.
This polish is definitely not matte. In fact, it is also not a pure white. Rather, it is a sheer milky colour with an ice blue flash. 

Can you see the blue? Unfortunately, even this does not translate onto the nails. 

It is neither a creme, nor a jelly. Application was not a hassle. The polish was a bit runny but  it did not go on streaky like Faces (review soon). The first coat left bald spots. This is three coats but the polish is so sheer there is visible nail line (I do not mind it, so not a problem). Each coat took about 2-3 minutes to dry. The consistency, of course, means it is useless as a stamping polish. But it did wear well. I had it only my nails for 8 days!
What do you think? Do you like Revlon polishes? Would you buy Powder Puff? Do leave a comment below.

Product: 399 Powder Puff
Brand: Revlon 
Colour: Milky white
Finish: Matte suede
Qty: 14.7 ml
Price: Rs 130 (It can now be got for Rs 117 at healthkart.com).

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  1. :(( i cant see pics from office when u use photobucket

  2. i have this too, it was a flea market purchase for a buck so i figured why not. i was getting all the matte suedes i could find! it looks good on you, but its definitely what it claims, is it?

    1. Thank you Gnarly Gnails. I really love your work. You are very talented and your compliment means a lot :)