10 July 2012

Peel-off polishes

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Hello lovelies,

I am still playing catch up with work. This is the only part that mars the afterglow of a super vacation.
Enough with the cribbing, and let me tell you about these amazing VOV peel off polishes I grabbed from a local store in Ahmedabad. The post is slightly long, kindly bear with me. I am making up for lost time ;)

I got these polishes in white, blue and black for Rs 100 each. And I stopped with that because the store keeper did not have any more :D Take a look at the picture:

My camera seems to have an aversion to anything with even the slightest hint of blue! Though it looks dark blue in the picture, it is actually a royal blue with slight shimmer. In comparison, the white and the black are more creme-like. All three dry to a rubberised finish.

The white applies milky but dries translucent which makes it an excellent base for light polishes as it does not alter its hue. The black, I found, is quite opaque and god-send for glitter polishes (ain’t that a pain to remove!).

These are two coats of each colour.
The one thing a wearer needs to be careful about is SNAGGING! You cannot do hard jobs with this on your digits as it begins to lift from the tips. I wore this for a week under a crackle polish Maybe the layering helped, but the wear was impressive. I expected it to look much worse. And I found another advantage: Stain-free nails. Hello, gorgeous greens and bonny blues!
To remove, just rub upwards at the tip and the polish will begin to lift. Tug at it carefully and you can actually remove the entire layer at one go. Cool or what?!

You can of course use polish remover or acetone to do the job, too.

Final verdict: This is a super product. I had a paint-and-peel polish as a kid but that was a gift from the US. I have never seen anything like this in India before.

Have any of you tried these polishes yet? What has your experience been?
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  1. wow this is very interesting!! I wish I can see them here soon