30 March 2013

My favourite pink

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Hi lovelies,

I have entered a new challenge, the Girly Girl Challenge, thrown up by a member of the Indian Lacquer Lovers group on Facebook. And I have taken this up as a joke because anyone who knows me personally would never ever EVER associate the word 'girly' with me. I think I'd take it as an insult, too. But my love for polish has made me very tolerant... sigh. So, here goes...

What's this you ask? The first challenge is to 'Think Pink' and wear my favourite pink polish with nail art. And this is my favourite. Inglot 517, a gorgeous creamy matte pink. 
Isn't it the most elegant colour you've ever seen?!
As much as I use glitter, I have to say I love mattes. Maybe because it satisfies the impatient me. Mattes are polish-and-go polishes. They dry as soon as you apply and there... you're done. Thankfully, this one did not dry as fast as the Zoya, which meant I could apply it more carefully and avoid lumpy streaks.

You would think that glitters and nail art would catch people's eye. But you have no idea the amazing number of compliments I got for sporting this colour! This is such a work-appropriate choice for places that frown on loud nail colours. 
This is two coats. One coat is a bit streaky.
This looks lovely even with topcoat. But since I love the matte look, I kept it as it is.  Which means chipping, a problem with most mattes. 

Sorry for that picture... Just had to put it up to show how I made this manicure last for 10 days.

Yep. Glitter to the rescue. This one is Blonde Bombshell from China Glaze 3D collection. The uneven application is because I thought I could just paint the gradient on than sponge it over. Never again. 
But I love this combination. Do you? Don't forget to leave a comment and do check out the other participants. 

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  1. This turned out great! I loved how you showed how you "fixed" your chips!

  2. gorgeous pink and i love how you fixed your chipped nails with glitter..:)

  3. Hey, very nice way to save your nails.....thats what I love abt nail art, they are for rescue every time.

  4. lol you actually did it! :P :P goooooodddd