12 October 2012

I'm a Cheeky chick

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I am doing the *happy dance* My Cheeky plates are here! 

I had ordered the new collection on September 21. I was a little worried about its arrival as I had never ordered anything from the website earlier. Also, it offers tracking only for US residents. AND the delivery time was expected to be a month. 
So imagine my surprise when I returned from a break and found a yellow cover peeking from my voluminous bag. This was Monday, October 8. My colleague had tucked the package into my bag to ensure I did not misplace it. 

Curious, I picked it up and saw it was from China Post. My heart started beating a little faster. Should I open it in office, should I not? I resisted for a while. I swear I did. But then I could not help it any longer. Tear........  

Out came a thick bubble wrapped box. The unwrapping revealed....

A greeting card. Isn't that sweet?! And with it....

Another cover through which slid out....

The Cheeky stamping nail art image plates collection of summer 2012. Their cover design is very girly, very blondish and very unlike me, my friends would say :D 

The inside is  very thoughtfully done. A story of how this effort came about, a nail artist licence which warns: Beautiful manis can cause heart attack. And a hollowed out section which would keep the plates without sliding around. I loved the slight indentation that allows you to side your finger through to pick out the plates. 

A closer view of the licence which could double as a scraper.  Actually, I would strongly recommend you use this or an expired credit card as a scraper instead of the Konad metal-tipped one. It will keep your metal plates from scratching. 

Isn't that a cute story? Now, for the plates....

My colleague was curious about the blue covering. It is to protect the plates. Many amateurs have unknowingly  use the plates without removing this cover and give up nail art. 

There are 26 plates in this collection offering 161 small and full nail designs.

The pink backing keeps your fingers from being sliced by the metal plates and keeps it from slipping around while scraping. 

And these are the designs the set contains. Click on the picture to enlarge and see the details. So, how did you like my latest acquisition and which design interests you the most? Don't forget to leave me a comment. Love you!

Product: 2012 summer collection (stamping plates)
Brand: Cheeky 
Price: $24.99 (approx Rs 1,300... way cheaper than Konad plates) 
Shipping: Currently free  (though I have heard they plan to charge $5-7 very soon. So grab it while you can)

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  1. WOW!!!!
    Awesome they are...
    Awaiting all the new mani tutorials.. :)


  2. aw that is sooooo cute!!! I love the box and the story! Looking forward to seeing your cheeky mani's!

    Cherry Lane xoxo

  3. OMG I want one of this to! Is such amazing :) Love your blog honey, I'm followin!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog while randomly browsing other blogs. You have some lovely manis! I was so happy to find a fellow Indian nail blogger because certain colors just look different on us :-) How do you like the Cheeky plates? I was thinking of getting some myself but didn't know how good they are. Please check out my blog by following my link. I've just added myself as one of your followers!

    1. Hi! The Cheeky plates are good. I'll put up some manicures soon. And you are right when you say some colours look different on us. But in the nail blogging world, I've learnt that one can make any colour work ;) Will check out your post and thanks for following me :)

  5. Woah ! these look better than konad pallet :D
    xoxo <3


    1. I love both. Konads were my first buys. They started the craze for me :)

  6. wow! these look so good ! lovely!