23 September 2012

Swirling flakies

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Hi lovelies,

Yesterday I showed you a beauty called NFU-Oh 51. And today, as promised, are shots of the design I stamped it with.

Look at the glowing gorgeousness. This polish is a stunner! Here's a closer shot of the navy blue stamp:

And another:

Okay, this is the last photo I promise you. 

Check out the multichromatic flakies shining through the stamping. I did not colour-correct any of these pictures. 
So, how did you like this design? Don't forget to leave your comment.

Base: NFU Oh 51
Design: Swirls
Plate: Konad M60 (I think)
Stamping polish: Colorbar Pro Phantom (Navy blue)

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  1. Hey.. thats a cool nail color..
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