9 September 2012

Swatch: Barielle Elle Spell

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Hi lovelies,

I am under a spell. Of this amazing polish called Elle Spell by Barielle. 

Barielle Elle Spell with a coat of holographic glitter

Can you see how this beauty glows? The bottle shows a deep red jelly packed with flakies that shift between gold-orange to green depending on the angle.

The polish was originally released as part of the Holiday Hustle Collection in 2010 but this one turned out to be such a showstopper, it turned around the fortunes of the decades-old beauty company. Now, this gorgeous has been included in their core collection. 

While many prefer layering it over a black base to bring out the beauty of the flakies, I loved it the way it was. Darker in the bottle, it shifts between a deep strawberry pink (in sunglight)  to a squishy cherry red (in the shade).
Elle Spell without topcoat
This is three coats of the polish, without a topcoat. It has a slight texture, but nothing that a lick of topcoat won't solve. I enjoyed it the most on its own but I might layer it over a red next time to conserve the polish.

Elle Spell with topcoat

Forgive the awkward finger pose. But I just had to show you how ah-mazing Elle Spell is in sunlight. The flakies embedded in the jelly gives it a 3D look. When the light hits it at certain angles, it seems as if your nails are on fire. 
Elle Spell: Green flash
The polish is sheer even at three coasts but I do not mind VNL, so no issues. Application was great though it had a slight tendency to build up near the nail tips. Nothing that cannot be managed, though. The colour made my hand look fairer and I could not help checking out the various shades of flakies every other moment. After wearing it for some days, it began to chip. So, I added a coat or two of this ADS holographic glitter in a red base I had got a while ago.

ADS red holo glitter

This polish turned Elle Spell into a more truer red but the glitter was really the icing on the cake. 

This polish was so beautiful, I just did not find it in me to cover it with stamping. So, what do you thing about this one? Do leave a comment below!

Product: Elle Spell
Brand: Barielle
Colour: Red with gold-orange flakies
Finish: Jelly, slightly textured
Qty: 13.3 ml
Price/Availability: $8 but can be bought for a discount at certain websites (Not available in India. Can be ordered through Amazon and transdesign)

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  1. Replies
    1. You have to see it to believe it! The red made my hands look fairer and the flakies were mesmerising!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh it is gorgeous... and welcome Demi :)

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    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Ann. I had no idea where to mail you so replying this way. You can drop me a line at emeraldcopper@gmail.com.

  4. Your mani's are so good! I love this combo too! Who can resist a classic sexy red! :-)