3 August 2012

Swatch: Kleancolor Pinky Moon

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Hi lovelies,

During my recent 'Amrika' haul, I got this cutesy polish from Kleancolor, a trendy but inexpensive brand from the US. Pinky Moon can be described as a sheer pink jelly with holographic hexes,  bar glitter and, of course, moon-shaped glitter.

The bottle has a nifty long cap, which gives a fine grip during lacquering. The jelly is pretty thick and the moon glitter loves playing hide-and-seek. I had to really go hunt for some and then had a tough time dabbing it on to my nails. It wouldn't get there otherwise :(

The polish is subtle and dainty. Even without the moon glitter. This is three coats and you can still see VNL. So it can be easily layered over another polish. And since there's just a hint of pink in the jelly, this is not likely to change the colour of the base polish.
I wore it on its own along with this ring. Apt, isn't it :)

WARNING: This polish smells. Worse, it is a pain when it comes to drying time. Since I had read about this on other blogs, I was armed with Essie Good to Go topcoat.
I alternated the topcoat with the polish to get it dry in record time. The polish lasted long and was chip-resistant, too.

What sort of glitter do you like? I would love to read your comments.

Product: Pinky Moon
Brand: Kleancolor 
Colour: Pink jelly with holo hexes, bar and moon glitter
Finish: shiny
Qty: 15  ml
Price/Availability: $1.75 or Rs 98 ( It is not available on Indian websites but you can get it at beautyjoint.com and amazon.com).
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  1. Very pretty color....I ordered few of these frm beautyjoint but my parcel got misplaced during transit...:(

    1. Aww... that's bad. I got these shipped to a friend in the US who then brought it down for me :)

  2. I like jelly polishes..but big glitter is not my cup of tea..I tend to pick them off my nails hhehe

    1. LoL! I agree they do irritate. Fortunately, I managed to dab on the moons just right. They did not stand out. The other glitters, including the bars, were malleable. So no issues there... This is a pretty polish :)

  3. nice post.