7 May 2012

Nail art challenge

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Just when you think of how advanced India has become, thanks to the fast computers and faster bandwidth, it goes and betrays me :( 

I was trying to join Puja Malhotra's nail challenge at Cute Nails and the computer just wouldn't let me enrol myself through the comments section. Weird, to say the least.

Anyway, happy news, I have put in my name today. I really really hope she adds me. Even if she doesn't, I think I will pick up the gauntlet just for the heck of it :) 

Puja is very encouraging and excellent at nail art. Check out her blog at cutenailstudio.blogspot.in

I have been trying my hands at nail art but I haven't posted anything online. Maybe this is the push I need to get started. Well, like Puja mentioned, this challenge is for all who love to challenge themselves. Win or lose is secondary.

Here are the rules for the challenge which will stretch for five days. 

A new post on a new theme

May 7: Dots

May 10: Animals

May 14: Sweets, toffees, cakes, ice-creams

May 18: Bows

May 21: Copy cat. The participant needs to copy a nail art uploaded by someone else and post the original and the copy!

The participants can use any colour, technique, stickers, fimo, rhinestones... anything. 

Oh, I just realised that these are not 5 consecutive days but spread over weeks. Phew! That IS a relief. I was wondering if I was taking on more than I can handle, also considering that I do not have special nail art tools and decorations. Now, I feel confident. Thank you Puja :) 

Wish me luck people!

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  1. hi....i added u in the list....:)..thanks for tagging me..:)

  2. you don't have gfc on your blog how can i follow u...

  3. Oh! This is a problem that plaguing everyone who started a blog after March 1. Maybe you could follow me on google+. I go by the name Emerald Coppersprite. I will also add a bloglovin widget. I am new to blogging, so learning by trial and error :)

    1. hi iam following u through blogovin.....u can post your day one post today....keep your designs simple u don't need fancy nail art tools....:)

    2. for adding gfc goto layout...add gadget and add friends..

  4. wishing u gud luck with the challenge NL...