11 May 2012

Day 2: Hip, Hip, Hippo

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Hi friends,

Day 2 of Puja's nail challenge at http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/ is animals. I decided to try a reindeer nail art, I even succeeded at executing the idea, then disaster struck.Long story short, I created another mani. What? Take a look...

It's a Hippo! Can you see it? A colleague who saw this photograph in my camera thought it was a cow :P Well, there were no other photographs to get a second opinion because the moment after I took this picture, I smudged the mani. Was I having a bad day, or what? Anyway, I am glad I got at least one photograph to show you. But I vow to do this once again. It is just so cute, how can I not make another attempt :)

The colours used:
Mauve brown (for the face) VIP 33
VoV white striper for the eyes and teeth
VoV bright blue striper for the ear accent
Colorama blue for the mouth
VoV black to highlight the eye.

Do check out the other challengers at:
Pavani Reddy at http://megaliving.net/

Thank you :)
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  1. very pretty.....while taking pics, i also sometimes smudges my mani....

    1. Thanks Puja. I was in a rush to go to office and I come home pretty late so doing a third mani was out of the question.

  2. Thats cute.... you should do it again and do a separate post soon..

  3. nice post NL..fab job...i did butterflies for my day 2