15 June 2014

#TGPNPC Polish trend that died before you wore it: Day 23 of the Neverending Pile Challenge

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Hi lovelies,

This challenge brings me to a trend that I was not crazy about to start with, but indulged in because I was excited about my entry into the nail art world.

Yes, CRACKLE! This is a rose crackle or shatter polish from BR - a Korean polish firm available in small shops around town - layered over a generic white. I made the amateur mistake of buying not 1, not 2, but 10 colours. In my defence, they were quite cheap. However, I never liked the look. And I still don't. I just took one picture and removed the manicure as soon as possible. Considering I have 10 of these polishes, I need to think of a way to use them up. Any suggestions?

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