1 December 2013

100th post and Christmas challenges!

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Hi lovelies,

This is my 100th post and thanks for being with me through this lovely journey. My entry into the nail world has been exciting to say the least. I have made many new friends and found great polish brands. It is like discovering a new world. I'm sure you know the feeling.
We all have occasional obsessions, that pass with time. I thought my obsession with polish and nail art would go the same way. But it hasn't, so far. So, to push it further, I have decided to take part in two Christmas challenges.
 The first is the Totally Doable I Have A Life! Challenge by Californails. I just love the title. Don't you? Here's how it goes...

The second is Getting Ready for Christmas by Elsa of Likeacandyshop.com. Here are the details...
I also plan to host a giveaway to celebrate Christmas and my 100 posts. Would you like that? Wish me luck with the challenges and leave a comment below.
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  1. Congratulations hun for completing 100 posts :D

    Just wow for doing 2 challenges at the same time !! All the best...will look forward to your festive creations ;)

    Ooo giveaway. ..me wants :p

  2. Wow! Congrats! Good luck wit d challenges!! Did u say giveaway?? Oooooohhhhhhhhh!

    1. Thank you Kejal. I can always depend on you and Dhara to encourage me :)