29 November 2013

31DC2013: Day 19 Galaxies

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Hi lovelies,

I envy people who can get galaxy nails right. I, for one, do not have the patience to sponge on 10 different polishes to achieve the look. While there are many indie polishes that can give a galaxy effect like the one here, I decided against taking the easiest way out.
I decided to take an easier way out :)

I did accent nails by layering a black polish, then using a couple of Revlon polishes, I used the dry brush technique to give the green, blue, purple effect which is more visible in the photo below. Then, I stamped silver stars on it :)

The glitter nails are a black base layered with Different Dimension Wish You Were Here as well as Drops of Jupiter.
If you liked it, do leave a comment below :)

Colours used:
Base: VOV black
Galaxy effect:
Revlon Streetwear Icy Blue (blue)
Revlon Streetwear Aqua Divine (turquoise)
Revlon (scented) Grapefruit Fizz (pink-purple shift)
For stamping:
Polish: Revlon Budding Chrome (silver)

Plates: Konad M14 (stars)
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