29 October 2014

#TGPNPC Polish You Got For Free: Day 40 of The Neverending Pile Challenge

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Hi lovelies,

Continuing where I left off earlier, the free polish I've got recently was Dance Legend Phobos. I got it from the company when I ordered some polishes from their site for the first time. Be ready to be dazzled by a multitude of photographs (which of course I took after stamping on it!).

Yep, it is a flakie polish in a duochrome base. It flashes iridescent emerald green to turquoise to purple and fuschia and has scattered holographic glitter, too! This beauty is from the Galaxy collection consisting of eight shades including two limited editions (Mars and Phobos). It comes in a mini bottle like the Holodays and Chameleon collections.

These are three coats of the polish on its own with an SV top coat. Those who want to save up on it can layer it over black.

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I just love its superstrong colour shift! Isn't that a emerald colour dazzling? The flakies lie
flat on the nail. It is not as hard at China Glaze Luxe and Lush. Rather, these flakies are
quite soft.

I stamped on it using China Glaze Passion, a gold chrome, and flowers from Konad M24 plate. I experienced no hassles stamping on this.

A close up of my thumb so you can see the flakes, glitter, shimmer and multichrome going on in this polish.

 Colour shift, YAY!

Yet, another colour shift!

And, how can flakies not be mattified? If you reached the end of this post, congratulations. In all fairness, I did warn you that I went click crazy ;)
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Name: Phobos

Brand: Dance Legend

Collection/Range:  Galaxy
Colour: Multichrome base with flakies shifting from teal to emerald to purple and pink.
Finish: Slightly bumpy
Qty: 7 ml
Price/Availability: $8 (Can be ordered through Dance Legend)

Polish: China Glaze Passion (antique gold)
Plate: Konad M24 (flowers)  
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