4 January 2013

Reindeers and Sleigh

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Crumpet's Nail Tarts had Reindeers and Sleigh for their Christmas Challenge. I really loved how this one turned out. 

I have heard of good reindeers, but mine have gone rogue. I realised that I wanted them to be Rudolph, the true goody-two shoe reindeer. So, I made a slight change. 

I loved this manicure. Did you? Don't forget to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. And do check out the other Christmas challenge manicures :)

Polishes used:
Color Club Sugarplum Fairy (as base)

For stamping:
Konad black 
Plates: Bundle Monster 213 (sleigh), Konad M12 (reindeer)

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  1. oh my g! that glitter!! It is stunning beyond words!! I freaking want that sooo much now!!

  2. Hey Kiran, this one is CC Sugarplum Fairy. It can be got through Transdesign.com